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SiFPA (Simple Function Point Association) is the international non-profit association whose primary objectives are to greatly evolve and promote the method of

Simple Function Point

SiFP is a new method of functional measurement of software compliant with the principles of the family of ISO / IEC 14143 standards and is easy to apply and highly correlated to the IFPUG method from which it is possible to migrate recovering all the previous data and the investments made.


The chinese version of the documentation is now available in the download  area

The spanish version of the documentation is now available in the download  area

The origins of the SiFP method

The method was born in 2010 following a research project conducted by DPO…

When simple is better

Main advantages SiFP method: easy to learn; fast to apply, early, supported by productivity data …

Purpose of the SiFPA Association

Non-profit organization, SiFPA has four main objectives …

SiFP Method

  • Research report

  • Measurement Manual

  • Examples of measurement

  • Template

How to join

Joining SiFPA does not cost anything!

The association lives on volunteering and spontaneous donations from anyone interested in using and evolving this method.

Your contribution, observations, reviews, experiences of use and involvement in specific work groups will help us to grow the Association!

On this page the form to associate is available.

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