The SiFP Method

This section provides a summary presentation of the SiFP Method and a link to the Measurement Manual, Application Examples and Reference Templates.

Research report

The research report, here availble, illustrates the reasons that led to the creation of a new Functional Measurement Method for software. The salient characteristics of the new SiFP method are therefore described, its peculiarities and advantages compared to other methods. Finally, an interesting comparison with the results obtained using the IFPUG method is reported (benchmarking on over 400 projects measured both with IFPUG and with SiFP).

Measurement manual

Measurement Manuals are available in Italian, English, French and Chinese. The Spanish version is being finalized. The documents are in PDF format of “open” type: you can download and insert comments; in this case you will then have to get it back via the general mail of the Association,  

Counting examples

With the Measurement Manual there are some concrete examples of counting in SiFP (in several languages).

As the Manual, these examples are in PDF format of “open” type: it is possible to download the documents and comment them; in this case you will then have to get it back via the general mail of the


The Guidelines are under development. They will be a fundamental tool, to be used with the Measurement Method, in order to be able to effectively use the proposed Method in various specific contexts.

We recommend a regular visit of the SiFPA website to check the availability and evolution of these guidelines over time. If you leave us your email, you will be notified whenever a new document is available.


The templates are simple excel sheets with measuring objects and predefined scores to facilitate the calculation of the measurements.

On the market there are commercial tools that allow advanced functions such as the management of measurement assets, the congruity of data between different measures, consistency checks and more.

Every comments or observation about provided documents will be precious for us! SiFPA Simple Function Point Reference Manual is distributed with Licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione – Non opere derivate 4.0 Internazionale.

Download Area

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