About us

SiFPA Association: Purposes, objectives and founding documents

The SiFPA Association is a non-pofit organization, with the following goals:

  • to promote and spread the Simple Function Point method globally;
  • to promote the ongoing training and professional development of its members;
  • to promote the development of professional networks among its members and beyond;
  • to contribute to the spread of software measurement process at international level.

The association aims to develope or promote any necessary or useful activity in order to reach the above mentioned goals. It can define a permanent observatory on software measurement process in Italy and abroad, in order to manage international research and development projects as concerns product measurement tecniques, especially in the field of functional measurement methods (such as Function Points). Moreover, it can promote the spread of software measurement activities through stakeholders meetings, debates, conferences, training courses and cultural events, publishing books and magazines.

Futher activities are reported in the “Association Statute”.



The Association consists of the following bodies:

  • Members
  • Governing Board
  • Executive Board
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Vice-President
  • President
The President of the Association is Roberto Meli

The Vice President is Luminita Costea; the Treasurer and Secretary is Carla Cioffi.

Other Founders of the Association (also members of the Governing Board/Executive Board): Ivana Beni, Dario Biani, Giuseppe Calavaro, Barbara Filosto, Filippo La Noce, Franco Perna, Carmine Russo.

SiFPA Code of Ethics


To achieve its objectives, the association aims to operate following morally high values, such as the absence of profit, full compliance with laws and respect for the people who are part of it. In order to clearly and transparently define the set of values ​​which it is inspired to achieve its objectives, SiFPA has prepared the Code of Ethics, whose observance is essential for the correct functioning, reliability, reputation and image of the association itself.

Faithful to basic choices, SiFPA is therefore based on the values ​​of democracy, equality, equity and solidarity and is bound by compliance with this Code of Conduct in all its acts, internal or directed to the outside world. In this context, this Code constitutes a reference to which all the subjects cooperating in the SiFPA and, first of all, those who are called upon to manage it, must conform their conduct.


  • Respect of the Law
  • Honesty and Correctness
  • Transparency
  • Confidence
  • Confidentiality
  • Valorisation of members and professions
  • Impartiality
  • Loyal competition
  • Environment